Yesterday, I wanted to post a paragraph from the beginning of the immunology book. However, I got trapped in a feeling that this one paragraph is of no value to my fans and followers. What will this paragraph do for them? I thought. I felt despair. I thought either I provide a complete book or nothing. Crazy, yes. I have preached to my audience throughout my life to persist, build one brick at a time, take your journey one step at a time, read one word one line one paragraph to achieve your goals. Still, I got trapped into this state of mind.


As I became unhappy with myself and fumed over my state of mind, I started to search for a metaphor a tool to get me out of this situation. And, here is what brought me back. We are building a modern online medical education system. It is like building a palace. We’ve to make it one brick at a time. There is no escaping that. And, the brick that I did not lay yesterday will not be put in place by itself. Neither can we leave that brick out allowing a hole in the wall. We got to persistently and reliably add new bricks to make an asset that is of value.

With this metaphor/tool in mind, I am now putting together the one paragraph I should publish today for immunology.