Persevere – You Will!

I love em both I love both, persistence and perseverance. However, there is a subtle difference between the two. Knowing this difference has helped me use the words correctly, and switch to my one core value from persistent to perseverance. I still love the word persistence, more than the word perseverance for some of the expressions where persistent…

To catch a turtle

Startups – companies that are in their early stages. For our discussion let’s define startups to be the companies below $5M yearly revenue. These companies cannot run like mid-size or large companies. The reason is simple; a startup is still finding its way. It is attempting to understand the market-forces, and it is trying to…

Persistent effort is the key

Since drbeen’s inception and before, I have been intrigued by the fact that some of us find success and some don’t. By no means, I am writing this from a point of success. My success, as I define it in my head is not achieved yet. But, during my journey, I have found a key…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! We all at drbeen are grateful for your love and support. You and I are now part of a drbeen tribe made of more than half a million healthcare students and professionals. And, this tribe is growing fast. Thank you for making this journey worthwhile. LoveMobeen 

Staying busy to be lazy

I am busy.  You may have heard or said this many times. Have you sometimes wondered if the task taking your time and attention is actually for the highest priority item at that moment? Sometimes, we procrastinate in an interesting way. We become busy with something that is not that important.  Don’t get me wrong….

Listening maybe just that!

I have to confess; I am bad at listening. However, I have observed an interesting aspect of listening, that I think is crucial for all of us to keep in mind. When someone shares something with us, it is not always the case that our friends want us to provide a solution for it immediately….

Startup lesson: do less to do more!

Doing less to do more is a common phrase used in the management circles. For me, however, it became shockingly clear a few days back. During our daily standup, our CTO Michael LeBarron and I were discussing the tasks in our plates and the next thing that we will do.  Both, Michael and I have…