I am busy. 

You may have heard or said this many times. Have you sometimes wondered if the task taking your time and attention is actually for the highest priority item at that moment? Sometimes, we procrastinate in an interesting way. We become busy with something that is not that important. 

Don’t get me wrong. There are many reasons for this. For example:

1. We are overwhelmed with giving attention and need to relax. I think in such situations we should actually take a break and relax. I know this suggestion is a nightmare for workaholics but, trust me it is essential.

2. We feel that we will mess up the high priority item. So, we ignore it and work on less important things. In such situations, start working on the top priority item regardless of this fear. Let this fear help you do a better job.

3. You feel that the activity is too big to take on. In this case, break up the project in small pieces. Start with one of these items. It will get you in the groove and get you going.

4. You are unsure of the value, but at a logical level you realize that this project has to be done. This feeling is out of fear as well. In such case, declare to the people around you that you will start working on the critical task today. This announcement will lock you in a commitment, which in turn, will drive you to work on it.

5. And, finally; just do it 🙂